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in it's infancy, ultimate guide to breaking news feed headlines

freedom of speech - freedom of the press

talk radio

Simulcast the real-time radio featuring
rush limbaugh, sean hannity, mark levin,
veterinarians show,
financial advice radio 
#Get the truth

music radio

Simulcasting retro music from around the country.
Reminisce & remember old friends and places,
local food ad's, why not.!
#Easy Listening


link E-Verify, starting point, not a hope, not a wish, but you choose the final result.


link UBS Blog, this blog rehashes some of the illustrations currently relevant.

Parody, Satire and Sarcasm, Politically Illustrated Statements. See Full Size Gallery

Note: The Political Illustration Story and Statements provided are originated using existing and/or transformed created images from the public domain. Statements from this section are primarily an expression of opinion an at times a random prediction. Opinions are statements that can't really be proven true or false no matter how outrageous the viewpoint.

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